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Mendo Bistro features exciting food events
for Northern California gourmets
located at 301 North Main Street, Fort Bragg
on California's beautiful Mendocino Coast.


Mendo Bistro Story Ideas


Chef/Owner Nicholas Petti was formerly the steel guitar player for Whiskeytown, Grammy nominated Ryan Adams' previous band. The chef likens cooking to rock and roll performance. The flavors are bold, fresh, energetic and the response is immediate.


Our menu is unique with its choice option, which allows diners to choose their ingredient, cooking method and sauce. This democratic approach to cuisine has been a hit with diners since we opened. We also have more traditional sections of the menu, for those who allow us to take charge of the experience.


One of our waiters, Taimi Barty, is enrolled in the internationally renowned Fine Woodworking program at College of the Redwoods.


Mendocino County is home to an incredible bounty of wild foods, seafood, wines and breweries. We use all these products to their fullest potential and are advancing the idea of Mendocino county terroir.


Our restaurant serves as a training ground for young people in the community. Our kitchen staff learns every phase of cooking from butchery, to saucemaking, to pastries and bread baking. We make everything in house and when it is time for employees to move on they have been given a well-rounded culinary education.


Mendo Bistro is located in The Union Lumber Company's Company Store, built in 1909. The building is an immpresive example of Craftsman style architecture that features old-growth redwood and madrone that will never be seen again.


We started Mendo Bistro with a shoestring budget. We can tell others how to start their restaurants without spending much money and how to run them successfully after opening.

For information or reservations
please call 707.964.4974

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or call 707-964-4974

Our restaurant is an affordable dining choice for Northern California gourmets
located at 301 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, California
on the beautiful Mendocino Coast.